Psoriasis and pregnancy

During pregrancy the most dangerous period is the first trimester

Morula, zygote status - active pharmaceuticals can prevent the development of the morula and caused the death of the zygote, it lead on abortion. These pharmaceuticals are such as antibiotics, cytostatics, certain hypnotics, sedatives, usually of the aromatic constituent element compounds, paints. The foetus has  in the development impacts of large bodies inhibit the possible consequences malformations; such as antibiotics, antineoplastic agents, steroids, sex hormones, certain aromatic compounds, dyes. Effects taking the foetus a few weeks to a few months may inhibit the development of the large bodies and cause malformations. These dangerous materials can inhibit the development of delicate mechanism: steroid hormones obstructs the development of adrenal, sexual hormones obstructs the development of the gonads, opiates can controll the respiratory sytem, consequences innate serious illness.

During pregnancy if the mother has infections, maternal antibody start to produce, these antibodies can also be transmitted to the fetus via the umbilical cord blood. In the application of dermocosmetics absorption is not established so Psorioderm dermocosmetics do not  have fetus-toxic effect.


Can we apply Psorioderm products  during pregnancy and breast-feeding?

Yes, we can apply during pregnancy and breast-feeding because they don't have any dangerous effect to fetus.  

The processing of existing data and knowledge - including registrations for documentation of the product - led to not have any risk to the pregnancy and lactation, the incidence of risk during pregnancy and lactation close to zero. The dermocosmetics does not occur any in-dept absorption so the general effect of the absorption is not to be expected in the case of Psorioderm.

Two things can be dangerous during breast-feeding:

Nipple protection creams and the materials excreted into breast-milk. The products used to nipple protection have disinfected agents - they must be washed before breastfeeding. We do no tuse any disinfected agent. 

Nipple material used for protection and material secreted in human milk. During the time I nipple protection of disinfecting agents - they must be washed before breastfeeding, we were not used. After absorption of some substances are excreted into breast milk and cause such damage. Key to the selection! Psorioderm products do not contain any ingredients passing through the milk.

In the case of psoriasis in pregnant or breast-feeding women we recommend the local treatment as the first choice for moisturizing and emollient creams. Limited use of low or moderate dose topical steroids, which may appear to be safe, but pregnant and breastfeeding women should use caution. In any case, consult your doctor.



Active ingredients may absorbed to cause any dangeerous pharmaceutical effect. Skin is a good absortion surface but the most significant are transdermal patches. Steroid in high concentration may cause the  important damage. Psorioderm products do not contain steroid but in the traditional, conservative treatment often occur. 

Causing any effect of the active agent in the water spaces should be seen, the often form on the distribution of water in spaces is secreted into: intestinal juices, urine, through placenta, in the exhaled air selection and aqueous humor occurs in both, and do not let the sweat either.

Pharmaceuticals being in the amniotic fluid  or getting through the umbilical cord damage the fetus - such classics cancer chemotherapy, certain antibiotics, steroids, nicotine, opiates.


Psoriasis (Psoriasis) is affecting 2-3% of the Western European population, chronic inflammatory skin disease, which is prone to spontaneous returning. Generally psoriasis does not affect the male or female reproductive system, however, the treatment of psoriasis may require special precautions before and during pregnancy. It is important to consult your doctor to check for psoriasis treatments are safe during pregnancy and lactation. For some pregnant psoriasis may show improvement, while for the others, psoriasis worsens during this time. These improvements, or even destruction, as well as individuals may be different during pregnancy and lactation. A significant number of patients suffering from psoriasis-affected skin permanent large symptoms. Functional abilities, general health and quality of life of the population is significantly worse than the average. Visible skin conditions affected psychological burden on patients and their environment, which is not infrequently society, the environment exclusion is deepening.

Although the medication should be limited during pregnancy and lactation, but it is impossible for those who suffer from psoriatic arthritis. Certain analgesics can be used safety during pregnancy. In any case, talk to your doctor about taking medications with possible before conception, during pregnancy and lactation. Generally speaking, the use of systemic and biologic drugs should be avoided during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Women of childbearing potential should avoid oral retinoids, methotrexate and cyclosporine taking, as these products can cause birth defects.

Psoriasis and birth

Inform your obstetrics and gynecology physicians in the case of psoriasis, as exacerbation of psoriasis can often occur shortly after birth. It is also important to talk to your gynecologist doctor if you have genital psoriasis and planning a vaginal birth. A recent study (Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology) found that babies of women suffering from psoriasis severe psoriasis are born with lower weight. Conversely, women with mild psoriasis is not typical.

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