Psorioderm – Trust the strength of nature!

Psoriasis? Seborrhea? Atopic?



The Psorioderm® products containing Dead-Sea salts and carefully selected natural plant oils, vitamins, and minerals nourish the psoriatic, eczematous, seborrheic and atopic skin, while they do not contain any steroids, artificial colourants and scents.

The products of the Psorioderm® product line are perfectly suitable for the daily care of the skin showing the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, and seborrhea, and for the daily care of the strongly scaly, psoriatic, seborrheic, itching and extra sensitive scalp.

During their development, we placed special emphasis on complex care to create external and internal harmony. Four products were developed for everyday hygiene – cream, shower gel, shampoo and body lotion – which positively affect each other’s effect.


Psorioderm® Cream – 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml (click on the picture)

It normalizes the process of keratosis and helps to thin the previously formed thick psoriatic plaques with its peeling effect. Use it during the daily hygiene or several times a day at the affected areas, if necessary.



Psorioderm® Sensitive cream – 50 ml (click on the picture)

Sensitive cream without paraben and salicylic acid, with added jojoba and acacia honey extract, extra vitamin E and Shea butter content. It calms the irritated skin surface and helps to reduce the skin’s peeling. Dermatologically tested.



Psorioderm® Bath gel – 250 ml (click on the picture)

Intensive skin nourishing shower gel for everyday use. The cleansing ingredients help to prevent the skin’s drying and provide the missing grease during bathing. Apply on the skin during washing and dry your skin without scrubbing.




Psorioderm® Body lotion – 250 ml (click on the picture)

Body lotion with high herb content which calms the irritated skin, and may relieve itching and the skin’s peeling. Use it during the daily hygiene or several times a day on the whole body, if necessary.



Psorioderm® Shampoo - 250 ml (click on the picture)

Hair caring, hair conditioning and calming shampoo. Its active ingredients may stop the peeling and reduce irritation. Apply a nut-sized portion on your hair, let it affect for a few minutes then rinse it. Repeat this process, if necessary.



Psorioderm® travel kit (click on the picture)

Psorioderm® cream  50 ml, shower gel 60 ml, body lotion 60 ml, shampoo 60 ml in a handy cosmetic bag: for skin care when you are travelling.