The cry of the soul ...


Psychosomatic experts say that, once the psychological cause behind an illness is found, you may be freed of physical symptoms. Most of the time skin problems mask problematic human relationships...

A chronic skin disease, called psoriasis, is said to be medically incurable and makes your life physically, but also aesthetically and psychologically more difficult, as the symptoms may spread from time to time anywhere on the body. People often look suspiciously at those suffering from psoriasis, though it is not contagious, however, it is not very well known. It is hard to bear glances staring at the thick apposition or scaling on highly visible body parts. Those whose symptoms are on less visible body parts are luckier, but summer months are more difficult even for them: they may either expose those parts they wish to be covered, or they have to wear long garments in the hottest days to avoid glances. Not to mention that in close intimate situations you cannot really hide patches and sometimes this illness may separate people. Physical separation turns to emotional distancing, infecting family relationships and relationships with close friends.

Patients invest a lot of energy in hiding their body, but only a few of them are willing to devote this energy to the regular care of their body and soul in order to maintain the quality of their relationships and not to have anything to hide.


The cry of the soul

"Psoriasis is endemic in Hungary. According to certain studies, psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, while some say that it is of psychosomatic nature. Practically, it is all the same for those suffering from it. It is rather uncomfortable, because when the disease is acute, it is itchy and looks badly. Unfortunately, psoriasis is often awful for the soul, as most people do not have a clue why they have red patches on their elbow or forehead. I had a few awkward experiences until I realised that I would not have a chance for being healthy unless I change my life.” (váró, 2010.)

“In the summer of 1995 I noticed a single small change on the back of my hand. In fact I did not attach any significance to it. But later the patches spread over and over again, and then it turned out to be psoriasis. I am saying nothing new that this disease is of psychosomatic origin. I am not a physician, but I am sure that this illness is a cry of the soul. You must really know yourself to find out the real cause of the symptoms, what traumas, emotional shocks had affected you.” (váró, 2010.)

Please accept me!

"...You must learn to live with this disease, you should not feel ashamed of your appearance.” (Há, 2007.)

“I’ve been ill for quite a long time (35 years) ago to get used to it. At the beginning, when I had more sores and I was younger, it really embarrassed me. Well, nowadays, if somebody stares at it, I look back firmly and they stop staring at me. Once I even lashed out at a man gazing at me that “it’s not contagious”. I don’t stare at anybody at the beach who has an illness. We also have the right to live.”

“My partner accepts me the way I am. He saw it at the beginning, I did not trick him. We are equally valuable human beings as anybody else who is healthy, in spite of the fact that our skin is not nice.”

“I’ve been having psoriasis for forty years and I’ve never believed that there is a woman who would accept me. But nowadays nice female friends call me a moron saying I should leave it to women. It doesn’t matter to me any more but you are still young: leave it to your partner how she would respond..."

“I am 34 and I’ve been having psoriasis since I was 18. I’d like to find a partner very much, somebody I should not feel ashamed of my illness before. Unfortunately all of my starting relationships turn out to be a failure one by one. I run scared away at the beginning, because I am afraid of what if he realises... I think I am not the only one and it is hard for others to start a relationship, too.” 

(Quotes from the dating site of Hungarian Psoriasis Foundation)



In psoriasis you “grow armour” as a way of self-defence, withdraw and psychologically become almost inaccessible. At the same time, physical symptoms make physical contact impossible, and often even your environment is distanced from you. As our skin is the surface where we get in touch with our environment physically, it is easy to understand that damaged skin is also a physical sign of constant psychological friction, while psoriasis is the physical demonstration of a kind of unconscious defence against conflicts and disappointment. 

It is true that quitting this physically and psychologically vicious circle requires strength and stamina but it is possible by finding the appropriate treatment both physically and psychologically that creates the possibility of an asymptomatic, quality life for those suffering from psoriasis.

Psoriasis on hidden body parts are often found by other medical professionals, for example, gynaecologists. This skin disease is not a rare issue in the praxis of dr. Péter Székely...  “I find many genital psoriasis during my work and my patients feel extremely ashamed of it and often complain that it completely ruins their private life. I know that most of them would not go to a dermatologist, so i myself also try to find the solution and pay attention to new products."


"I prefer steroid-free products, so i recommend those made of natural agents for wash and also for regular skin care for patients suffering from psoriasis. That’s why i am glad that psorioderm laboratories has a new, natural development and offers solutions both for wash and skin care. I have practical experience with these products, so i hope i can help my patients even better with these.” - dr péter székely gynaecologist"

Causes of progression: disposition, external and internal factors 

Psoriasis, this extremely “spectacular” illness affects 2–4% of the population, men and women alike. Generally the first symptoms appear between the age of 15 and 35 but sometimes they may appear in childhood or even in babyhood. It is very important to know that not the disease itself, but only the disposition is heritable–but it is not the sole cause of the development of the disease. External provoking factors are also necessary. These may be literally external factors to which the organism reacts with symptoms, such as mechanical effects, especially injuries (burns, insect bites, tattoo, and surgery), various fungal and bacterial skin infections or other factors (e.g. allergic eczema, viral infections) that causes skin inflammation. External factors like certain medications (especially the so-called beta-blockers often used to reduce blood pressure and lithium, which is used in psychiatry), alcohol consumption and smoking also contribute to the progression. Skin lesion may be triggered by internal organ diseases–diabetes, liver diseases, internal organ tumours, chronic inflammatory nodules (tonsillitis, oophoritis, prostatitis, abscesses and inflammations in the gum, sinusitis).

Recognition of symptoms is crucial importance!

Skin diseases causing spectacular symptoms are difficult to distinguish for the patient and for any other non-professional people, because sometimes the diseases produce similar changes. Either of them may make your life hard. Seborrhoea, skin inflammation with scale, is a common skin disease with symptoms appearing most frequently on the scalp in the form of scaly lesions with itchy, burning sensation. Eczema is an allergic skin symptom which may appear anywhere on the body, causing significantly itchy, scaling changes on the skin. Symptoms denoting allergic disposition often appear in babyhood in the form of dry, itchy, reddish patches in the curves– this is atopic.


Maybe the most serious and most frequent skin disease is psoriasis which may appear on any part of the body. Normally, epithelial cells are formed in the lowest layer of the multilayer epithelium, later move towards the surface of the skin while horny protein accumulates in them and finally they peeled off by unnoticed exfoliation. In psoriasis, as epithelial cells move forward much quicker, cornification de- velops on the affected area with white, waxy scale formation, and inflammation under the cornified part appears as reddish patches. Symptoms may appear anywhere but there are “preferred” sites. Limbs, especially ex- tensor parts, elbow and the outer parts of the arms and frontal parts of the knee are affected. It may affect joints, causing painful swelling. Often it develops on the scalp, at first it is similar to dandruff; other forms may be recognised by nail symptoms similar to fungal infections. Our skin is a single unit and if signs of psoriasis appeared once, symptoms may reappear any time even on multiple sites and may spread on the whole skin surface. The disease gets serious when dissemination develops on the body and lesions appear in larger patches that meet on the edges and forms enormous plaques. In special cases not scaling is the most characteristic feature of the disease but heavy inflammation affecting the whole surface of the body–this is the most serious form of psoriasis.

The lack of holistic approach is a frequent problem in the treatment of psoriasis. On the one hand this means that besides physical symptoms it is necessary to care for the psyche, because the changes in symptoms are interrelated with some psychological factors in almost every patient. On the other hand it also means that treatment and care should be targeted to the whole body and not only to the affected skin surfaces, as skin is a single unit, feeds and breathes as one organ, so treating only in patches is not sufficient. It is very important to use natural products containing nourishing agents during wash, hair wash and skin care. Certain chemicals have spectacular results in relatively short time, but discontinuation causes relapse, and in many cases the patient’s condition becomes worse than it had been before the treatment. Synthetic materials constantly weaken the immune system, and an ever weakening immune system produces harsher and harsher symptoms.

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